Tank Mixing Machine

In the modern day fertilizer and pharmaceutical industries, a tank mixing machine is the most important machinery that is installed. A fertilizer industry requires a large amount of raw materials to be mixed every day, in this scenario a tank mixer can not only fulfill this requirement but also increases the output by over ten percent. These mixers have a very large capacity ranging from 10L to 100000L, which helps in processing a large amount of raw materials at one time. The most unique feature of this type of tank mixing machine is its flexibility in working with solid, semi-solids and liquids by making only small adjustments to the basic setup.

A tank mixing machine is not only efficient in its working but it also comes along with a host of safety features pre-installed that keeps your employee and business establishment safe. These machines are provided with double layered safety jackets which are explosion proof. It is also provided with a quick power cut off button to protect the machine in case of malfunctions.