What is the best type of chinchilla food?

The chinchilla food comes in many different types. It should be simple when you think about it you should be able to enter any pet store and trust that all the chinchilla food thats available to purchase is the healthiest option for your chinnie. Sadly thats not the case, as the primary reason for pet food manufacturers to exist is to make a profit. This means that there will always be some brands that cut down on the quality of the ingredients to produce a cheaper product. But although it might be kinder to your wallet, it might not necessarily be good for the health of your chinchilla. Chinchillas need a combination of both hay and pellets for a healthy diet. The amount fed will depend on the activity level of your chinchillas. Extremely active chinchillas will have a higher calorie need than ones that are more staid. Your chinchillas also need plenty of fibrous items to chew on to ensure that their ever growing teeth remain sufficiently worn down. If a chinnies teeth are allowed to become too long, or maloccluded, this can create a multitude of health problems which, in a worst case scenario, could prove fatal if not treated by a chinchilla savvy veterinarian.